Thursday, May 1, 2014

N&N's Nashville Homestead House Tour

So I had about a two week hiatus from the blog because I just got back from an awesome stay in Nashville!

I was lucky enough to tag along for a fence build that my husband’s business had scheduled for friends. On Easter Sunday, we packed up the truck and headed south. 

We not only had the honor of working for amazing people, but we were given the opportunity to experience the wonderful hospitality of their Nashville Homestead.  We really had the best accommodations that Nashville has to offer! 

Nicole has not only inspired me in the way that I style my home, but she has also challenged me to live more open-handed with our home. They are such a blessing to anyone in need of community or just a good meal as they generously share their home with family, friends, musicians, and even a few strangers. 

I am so grateful that Nicole allowed me to post a home tour and I hope their home inspires you as much as it has me.  

The living room is the first room you enter:

Maybe it's the mix of family heirlooms and the many handmade details that makes their home seem familiar and welcoming...

I love the decorative mirror placed above the bar that was a hand-me-down from Nicole's grandmother:

A handmade coat rack, a jewel-toned shade and a portrait of their Vizsla, Baxter line the hallway leading into the dining room:

The most important room is to the right of the front door - the dining room. We shared many tasty meals here including baked oatmeal, french toast, chicken & avocado enchiladas, lamb meatballs and spaghetti, etc, etc. 

The dining room displays Nicole's collection of vintage table cloths and handmade chicken wire frames.

The two downstairs guest rooms share the same charm as the living room and dining room:

Vintage games are hung on the wall:

The chicken coop and hammock can be seen through the window:

We stayed in the other guest room across the hall which stows more of Nicole's grandmother's beautiful dressers:

This cute basket holds the extra guest towels:

The history of the house is felt in the basement where the laundry room, wine cellar and studio can be found:

 I love the stone walls!

Last but not least, we spent a lot of our time outside. This may seem obvious since we were building a fence, but we also went outside for the deck, the hammock, the bonfire and the chickens!

Oh and check out their new fence by Creative Professional Remodeling and our great volunteers:

Needless to say, we had a great time and can't wait to visit Nashville again!

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