Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May B-Day

The season is upon us! The last two weekends have been filled with birthday, wedding and baby celebrations.

It all started with this guy's birthday on May 10:

I'm pretty sure he's sick of me showing this old photo, but I think it's adorable! He looks a little older now ;) Here he is with his surprise 30th birthday gift last year:

His 31st Birthday was definitely more low key than last year, but we had to party it up for the big 3-0! His family and I surprised him with a grill that we used for the 45+ party guests that showed up to celebrate with him (in our tiny house)! It was quite the bash! Besides the food and buckets of ice for the drinks, I did a few fun DIY decorations.

I'm sure at this point most people have seen the number/photo collage on Pinterest for birthdays and anniversaries. It's a unique way to showcase the guest(s) of honor.

I started by printing a bunch of old photos of Geoff all varying in size. Then I began to group them into a "3" and a "0."

I taped it all together and put it up on the wall.  You can also use cardboard or poster board if you don't want to tape the pictures directly to the wall. The end result is pretty awesome:

I also cut and strung flags made out of tissue paper (tutorial found here).

The decorations, the great food and the great friends made for an awesome 30th birthday party! However, now that we are over 30, our celebrations have changed a bit. We are at the age where our birthday wish is to have a relaxing day - and so that is what we did this year.

I scheduled a massage and then made a pretty awesome brunch of Challah Bread French Toast (recipe here), watched season 2 of 24 and then went out for dinner and drinks. It was a great day with my favorite person!

How is everyone else spending their post 30 birthdays???

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