Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy DIY Bride to Be Banner

Photo Credit: Elisha Maria Coleman at Love Life Images

I had the honor of being in charge of decorations for a couple of my dearest friends' bridal showers. My BFF Carrie loved the banner I made so much that she used it on her wedding day!

The best part about this banner is that it is super easy to make and can be tailored to match wedding colors or party themes. 

Carrie's wedding colors were navy and yellow.  I found the Recollections Everyday Moments Paper Pad from Michael's for her banner. 

Here are the tools that you will need to make this banner:

  1. A good pair of scissors
  2. A hole punch
  3. Adhesive Letters (I purchased these glitters letters from Michael's)
  4. A pencil
  5. A ruler
  6. Scrapbook paper
  7. Ribbon or rope (I used 1/2" ribbon)
The first step is to select your piece of paper:

I cut my paper to 11" long and 8" wide:

Mark a point 3" from the bottom and 4" from the side:

Use your ruler to trace to this point from both corners:

Cut out this area:

To make the hole punch, punch a hole 1" from each side (about 6" apart):

Now you can use this "flag" to trace and cut the rest of your "flags."

Once you have made all of your "flags," position and apply your adhesive letters. Some stick better than others. You may want to use hot glue if the letters aren't sticking:

Thread the ribbon through the holes. I used a navy and white striped 1/2" ribbon for my banner:

Another option is to use clothes pins like I did for my cousin's baby shower:

Here is the end result for Carrie's banner:

I added decorative hearts in between the words. Any shape would do so get creative and have fun with it!

Photo Credit: Elisha Maria Coleman at Love Life Images

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