Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring is Here!

There's something so wonderful about this time of year. Everything seems new, warm and joyful.

Two years ago today I was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with my boyfriend. It was my first trip to NYC and the trip was coming to an end. The entire trip had been cold and rainy, but April 2, 2012 was a gorgeous Spring day.

We decided to walk the bridge over to Brooklyn where he had made reservations at The River Cafe (highly recommended if you are ever in Brooklyn). By the time we walked back to Manhattan, I was engaged!

Needless to say -  this time of year presents multiple reasons to celebrate in our household!

So as we bid a long farewell to this past winter, I am ready to bring in the new. Anyone else have projects and crafting on their minds??

I can't wait to post about what I will do with these tiny planters that I picked up at Salvation Army for 49 cents a piece:

The Before & After photos of my busted desk:

and finally planting this season's veggies in our DIY greenhouse:

Now I'm off to grill lunch outside. Yayyyyyy!

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