Friday, March 14, 2014

My Favorite Party Activities

Every good party deserves a great activity.  My group of friends likes to play Minute to Win It, Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up and so on and so on.  Recently we've stumbled upon a couple of activities that we really enjoyed, so I wanted to share.

Favorite Things Exchange

If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse into Oprah's life, you need to host a Favorite Things Exchange. Guests are asked to pick their favorite product (makeup, hair, lotion, snack, etc) and purchase 5 of that item.

For example: I have a favorite nail polish brand and color so I would purchase 5 of that nail polish. 

Place your guests' names into a bag/hat 5 times (see a pattern yet?). Each guest takes a turn to present their  product to the group. They will explain what the product does and why it's their favorite. Then they draw five names from the bag and those ladies win the product! 

It’s a blast and everyone leaves with an amazing goody bag by the end of the exchange! I now love the Shea Cashmere hand cream from Bath & Body Works thanks to this game (and my friend, Beth).

We first discovered this game on Alan and Steph:

Alan and Steph

Historical Posts and Tweets

If the Guest of Honor is a lover of social media, a fun game to play is Historical Posts and Tweets. Each party guest scours the GOH’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most random or funny post.  The guests then give their favorite post to the party host.  The posts are read at the party for explanation by the GOH. Example:

The funny thing about this tweet is that Geoff had originally planned on proposing that night.  Then we got the bird and it all went down hill fast!

What are your favorite party activities?

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