Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A BBQ Bridal Shower

When we started to plan our wedding, we decided that all aspects of the wedding needed to be fun.  My mom was throwing my family shower and so my Maid and Matron of Honor were in charge of the friend shower. 

I wanted a shower that could also be a party, so we decided on a BBQ Bridal Shower.  My FMOH (to be explained later) Kate suggested her house as the location allowing us to utilize the backyard for the guys. 

Kate found the perfect invitation on Etsy:

We had her bonfire pit, lawn games, and beer coolers ready for the evening.  Unfortunately, we live in Michigan which means it was a beautiful day up until the moment people started to arrive!  We all ended up huddled in the living room as the rain poured for the rest of the night!  Luckily the ladies had planned a fun game and put so much effort into the details that we all had a good time. 

The DIY décor was perfect for a summer evening: starry lights in mason jars, red checkered table cloths and bright colors, candle lanterns, mason jars with personalized stickers and straws – the ladies even made a delicious, signature drink for us!

The food was a combination of our favorites: grilled sliders (including turkey sliders!), cornbread, baked beans, heart-shaped watermelon slices, veggies and dip cups, mini donuts, and a full bar!

The game: Bride or Groom?  My other FMOH, Carrie read a list of answers of our favorite things such as movies, colors, past experiences, etc.  The guests had to guess if the answer belonged to the bride or groom by holding up a set of lips or a stache.  The winners received an iTunes gift card.

Everything was wonderful and it made me think of the advice I would give to those of you planning your wedding showers.   
  1. If you plan on having any portion of the shower outside, have a Plan B.  Looking back, we probably could have set up an area for the guys in the garage or another room.  This would have given us more space and separate girl-time/guy-time. 
  2. If more than one person is hosting your shower, I would suggest picking people with a history of working well together. J My FMOH’s are best buds so this wasn’t an issue, but I found that there are plenty of people who want to be involved in the big day.  This is a wonderful, but limiting the responsibilities to just one or two people keeps things simple = less stress on the bride!
  3. Personalize your shower.  Make it unique to you.  We wanted something we could enjoy together.  Something we would want to do with our friends on a weekend in the summer.  A BBQ and bonfire are two of our favorite things about summer.  Something I’m really missing in the midst of this Polar Vortex!
  4. Give input when asked, but otherwise sit back and enjoy!  There are so many boxes to check off as the bride and groom so be thankful for the few things that you don’t have to coordinate! Relax and be thankful for the help of others during this time.  It truly is a blessing!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm having my wedding shower in about a week in a half. My MoH is doing a vintage theme but we're having BBQ food to please the guys. lol it's a nice mix!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed your day :)

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun.

      It's funny you mentioned the food for the guys because after my husband read this post, he said, "We should do that again. That food was amazing!"

      Have a blast at your shower!


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