Tuesday, March 11, 2014

“Girls Day In” Birthday Party

With yet another threat of snow upon us in Michigan, I decided to write about a fun, relaxing party that we threw indoors.

A close friend and I have November birthdays and therefore usually do some sort of shared party or get together.  This year was a pretty hectic year for both of our schedules and so we decided we just wanted a day to spend with our girlfriends where we could talk, laugh and relax together.

We came up with the idea of throwing a “Cozy November Girls Day In Party.”  Comfy clothes and slippers were required - our take on a grown-up slumber party.

The color theme was warm and sparkly – lots of gold and bronze.  We took at trip to the local dollar store to create the party favor bags as well as most of the decorations. 

The activities included a nail painting and hair styling station,

a crafting station where everyone could decorate a mug,

a Favorite Things game (to be discussed in the next post), 

aaaand adding to the slumber party nostalgia, we watched a couple of our favorite old movies:  Now & Then (who knew everyone had a thing for Devon Sawa?) and The Cutting Edge (Toe Pick).

The food was the highlight of the party (the food and Devon Sawa).  We munched on all things chocolate and sweet of course:  chocolate fondue, hot cider, a hot cocoa bar and a popcorn bar.  At the end of the day we had a champagne toast in lieu of a cake.  

It was so delicious that I’m attaching the recipe Links below:

Birthday Girl Kate had a great idea to take a group photo at the party.  She provided frame matting and metallic Sharpies for the ladies to use to leave us a birthday message.

We had so much fun catching up with each other.  The party was clearly a success as we all ordered a pizza many hours later!

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