Monday, July 7, 2014

Get it Girl: My Yearly Dare

When I turned 30, I decided to challenge myself to try something new each year. Something that made me step out of my comfort zone. It could be a small challenge or a big challenge, but it had to be something daring. I had a strong desire to experience new adventures.

Another rule was that I would accept any challenge that came about from friends.The first challenge I accepted was to join a local women's softball team. I hadn't played since my sophomore year of high school and that was just with my dad in our backyard! I should note that I am far from being a natural athlete.

We played against some serious ladies (they did warm up sprints in the parking lot as we sipped our beers). How did we do? We got dominated! We won two games the entire season and had several mercy losses the rest of the time, BUT, we got better and better as the season went on. We became tougher and had more confidence. I was using muscles I hadn't used in years and I loved it! I would have never known how good I could be if I had given up that first day that I struck out in slow pitch softball!

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The second dare came about when myself and a friend were asked to be part of a flamenco dance for an upcoming event. I had danced when I was younger so I thought, why not?

We rehearsed every Friday night for 3-4 months. The rehearsals would sometimes last 3 hours long! I was exhausted and I had to unlearn just about everything I'd been taught in ballet. The posture and movements of a flamenco dancer are much different, but after practicing so much I finally got it! It was quite the adventure and I ended up having a blast!

Since then I've completed my first 5K, tried water skiing, coordinated my first fundraiser, gone back to school, and taken up spin classes. Each time one of these opportunities came about, I felt a bit of fear. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to take on anything that I don't have a natural talent for or that doesn't play to my strengths. Unfortunately it's my gut instinct to quit if I don't get something right away.

So... I've had to retrain my thinking. I've learned that I only get better if I allow myself to fail a few times (maybe several times) and risk the chance of "gasp" looking like a fool in front of other people! I've also learned that I would have missed out on so many fun experiences if I'd let the fear of failure or looking like a fool keep me from attempting any of these things.

This has let me to the decision to post from time to time about taking on new adventures. To dare ourselves to defy our own limitations and see what we are truly capable of doing. Don't let fear intimidate you - it's a BS-er anyway! So who's with me?

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Next week I'm excited to begin this series by interviewing my friend Kate who took on the dare of being a wedding DJ. I can't wait to read about the adventures of DJ K-Swizzle!

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